Nobuhiro Nakanishi “Resonance – Nobuhiro Nakanishi”

中西信洋は大学で彫刻を学びましたが、卒業後は、木、石、土、金属などを素材として人体や物の像を立体的に表す、彫刻と呼ばれてきた行為から離れ、また彫刻にまつわる重量や重力、素材の物質性からも離れて、これまで制作を続けてきました。実在と不在、物質と非物質、可視と不可視といった両極を往来しながら、意識 や思考、記憶や時間といった、視覚ではとらえることのできない感覚や概念をイメージによって空間の中に現出させる表現は、私たちを不思議な体験へと導きます。

弊廊で3回目となる今回の個展では、中西の概念と手法を最も表現した代表的なシリーズ「Layer Drawing」と 「Stripe Drawing」に改めて焦点をあて、その独自のアプローチを紹介します。
「Layer Drawing」は、ありふれた風景のなかで刻々と変化していく時間の経過を立体的な彫刻として眺めるものです。ギャラリーの空間いっぱいに展開される作品の周囲を歩くことで、見るものは自らの身体の意識を空間的・時間的な次元へと拡張させ、自身の視線と身体の動きを通じて、重なるフィルムの隙間にとどまることのない時間の流れを体験するでしょう。 また、同時に展示される鏡面に描きだされた「Stripe Drawing」は、描かれた線の向こう側に続きながら、空間に広がるLayer Drawing と見るもの自身を内包し、その薄い境界のこちら側と向こう側、あるいは虚と実が共鳴しつづける世界を、展示空間に作り出します。

Layer Drawingシリーズは、写真の集積により時間の概念を空間へと広げた彫刻作品である。
Stripe Drawing mirrorシリーズは鏡に線を彫り込むという行為の集積により図と余白とを循環させたドロー イング作品である。

今回の展示はこれらの作品を並列し、互いに映し合うことで身体や視線の移動を通じて時間と空間とが交差す る場を体験しようとするものである。

中西 信洋

After graduating from university where he studied sculpture, Nobuhiro Nakanishi continued to work in a style different from what has traditionally been understood as sculpture making, which involved representing images of humans or objects three dimensionally using media like wood, stone, clay or metal, while also distancing himself away from weight, gravity and the materiality of media related to sculpture. His expression that deals with antithetical ideas of existence and absence, the material and the nonmaterial, or the visible and the invisible generates in space visually imperceptible senses and conceptual territories such as consciousness and thoughts or memories and time to invite us into a mysterious experience.

This third solo show of Nakanishi at our gallery will focus on Layer Drawing and Stripe Drawing, the two of his representative series that best present his unique methods. Layer Drawing series observes the passage of time that continuously progresses within ordinary landscapes in the form of three dimensional sculpture. By walking around the exhibited piece which takes up the whole of the gallery space, viewers may expand their body consciousness to spatial and temporal dimensions to experience the lapse of time not confined to the literal spaces between the layers of films, through their own gaze and body movement. Being presented in the same room, Stripe Drawing executed on a mirror surface will extend its’ space beyond the drawn lines as it encompasses the expansive space of Layer Drawing as well as the reflections of audiences. Created in the gallery space as consequence is a world where a continuous ‘resonance’ between this side and the other side of the thin interface or the fiction and reality prolongs.

■Artist Statement
Layer Drawing is a series of sculptural works that expanded the concept of time into a spatial dimension by accumulations of photographic images.
Stripe Drawing mirror is a series of drawings in which the figure and ground perpetually exchange their roles in circulation through accumulations of the acts of incising lines onto mirror glass.
This show juxtaposes works from the above two series to have their reflections onto one another, so that we may experience the place where time and space cross as we move our body and our viewpoint.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

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