“Giving shapes to ideas”

ドローイングは、英語の draw(引く)から来ており、線を引くことを意味します。 デザインや設計の世界では、製図、図面などの意味で、美術用語としては、一般にデッサンや素描と同じ意味で使われてきましたが、ど ちらも同様なのは、何等かの目的のために計画的に行われ、何かの下絵となっていることです。

線を引くという行為によって描かれたものは全てドローイングと言えますが、本展で展示されるドローイングは、目的のために描かれた ものではなく、それぞれの作家が頭で思い描いたもの、目には見えないものを、空間に象ろうとする行為によって現れたものです。

The word ‘drawing’ comes from the verb ‘to draw’ which implies the action of drawing lines. In the world of design and architectonics the term was used to mean either the action of drafting or the plan that resulted from it. In fine art, it has generally been used as a synonym for ‘rough sketch’. In either case, drawings were understood as preliminary sketches executed as part of a plan to produce a final work.

Everything that is created by the act of drawing lines can be considered as drawing. The drawings shown in our current exhibition were not executed with the purpose of realizing a final product. They appeared in this world as a result of each artist’s attempt to cast in space invisible images that they envisioned in mind.
This attempt was about giving shapes to things, while grasping their essence abstractly. At the same time, it was also about leaving the evidence of their thinking. The drawings are the marks of such activities of theirs.

This exhibition will present how the artists, Norio Imai, Teppei Kaneuji, Kazuyo Kinoshita, Jiro Takamatsu, Atsuko Tanaka, and Yasuko Watanabe gave shape to their thoughts through the act of drawing.

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