“Art Basel Hong Kong 2024”

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024
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Yumiko Chiba Associates
Teppei KANEUJI | Mina KATSUKI | Katsuro YOSHIDA | Masakazu HORIUTI

VIP Days (by invitation only):
First Choice | Tuesday, March 26, 12 noon to 4pm
First Choice and Preview | Tuesday, March 26, 4pm to 8pm
First Choice and Preview | Wednesday, March 27, 12 noon to 4pm
First Choice and Preview | Thursday, March 28, 12 noon to 2pm
First Choice and Preview | Friday, March 29, 12 noon to 2pm
First Choice and Preview | Saturday, March 30, 11am to 1pm

Wednesday, March 27, 4pm to 8pm

Public Days
Thursday, March 28, 2pm to 8pm
Friday, March 29, 2pm to 8pm
Saturday, March 30, 1pm to 7pm


For Art Basel Hong Kong 2024, Yumiko Chiba Associates is pleased to present four distinctive artists from our program, Masakazu Horiuti, Katsuro Yoshida, Teppei Kaneuji, and Mina Katsuki. These four artists would freely “come and go” between abstract expressionism and conceptual art in their practices, while maintaining the form and expression of abstract, yet stepped away from inner feelings and mental images.

Masakazu Horiuti (1911-2001) is one of the most significant sculptors in Japanese contemporary art history, where he connected modern and contemporary sculptures. He was a pioneering artist who brought abstraction to sculpture and created works based on mathematical thinking. Katsuro Yoshida (1943-1999) was a notable artist in the Mono-ha movement along with Nobuo Sekine and Susumu Koshimizu. Yoshida began creating abstract paintings from the late 70’s and continued the activity till his later years. His works have not been examined on a large scale until now, but it will be presented in the upcoming large retrospective exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama (20 April – 30 June, 2024), traveling to the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama (13 July – 23 September, 2024). Teppei Kaneuji (1978- ) has primarily worked with installation, using collage technique as a basic method. In recent years Kaneuji’s practice has moved beyond the confines of museum and gallery to involve audiences in all kinds of ways, in larger spaces. ‘POOOPOPOO’ is the new series which expands his recent endeavors even further, progressing them into the painterly space. Mina Katsuki (1989- ) represents painting as trace of acts to use her body. Her practice does not visualize inner feelings or mental images, but rather embodies the accumulation of space and time through paints. Katsuki blends over 200 shades of blue herself, and abides by her minimal rule of “one stroke” to produce a work of paint as its main subject.


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