イ・ウォノ Wonho LEE

Installation view: ‘The weight of the vacuum’ Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku (2017)


Aufbaustudium(postgraduate studies), Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

Diplom, Dep of Sculpture, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

M.F.A. Dep of Painting, Hongik University

B.F.A, Dep of Painting, Hongik University

1997 홍익대학교 회화과 졸업

1999 홍익대학교 회화과 동 대학원 졸업

2007 슈투트가르트 쿤스트 아카데미 조소과 Diplom (석사과정) 졸업

2009 슈투트가르트 쿤스트 아카데미 조소과 Aufbaustudium (마이스터슐러) 과정 졸업


[Selected Solo Shows]
I’m fine, as long as you are OK, KAIST reseach & art gallery, Seoul
‘Til it’s right, Perigee gallery, Seoul

Passage, amemai going through, Nakwon 417, Seoul
Vacuum of weight, Yumiko chiba associate, Tokyo, Japan

Rarities and Masterpieces story, Geumcheon Art Space PS 333, Seoul

I’m not there, Kimchongyung museum, Seoul,
Between looking and seeing , Brigitte March gallery, Stuttgart

Story, Kunstdoc, Seoul
Between looking and seeing, Lugworm gallery in Suncheon-bay garden expo, Suncheon

Addressee Unknown, Kwanhoon Gallery 3F, Seoul
void, Hongeun Art Center, Seoul
Lost landscape-The white field, Gallery Brigitte March, Stuttgart

The white field, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul

Zeitausschnitt(Time exposure) Stuttgarter Kunstverein e.V , Stuttgart
9.69sec, Project s, pace White Heat, Stuttgart
re-reflexion, Gallery Brigitte March, Stuttgart

umstellen, sallonexhibition, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg

a story – Potraits, Dukwon gallery, Seoul

[Selected Group Shows]
Under the cobblestones, the beach, Space Heem, Busan
The square, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul
Bing Bing, gallery d/p, Seoul
We have never been human, artforumlee, Bucheon
Indelible 1, Taepyeong dong, Seongnam

Art station project – underground, on the ground, Incheoun cityhall station, Incheon
non-place, gallery damdam(Korean cultural center in Berlin), Berlin, Germany
Surf steersman, ArtforumLee, Bucheon, Korea
Hangang _Art in the Flow, Hangang Art Park, Seoul
Musictree, Nakwon Acade, Seoul

Transition Zone, Korean Cultural Centre India Nam June Paik Hall, New Delhi, India
Open Rounding: Familiar and Strange (collaboration with UNSITE), Daebudo Sangdong, Ansan, Korea
Tactile Perspective (co-curated with UNSITE), Seoul Street Arts Creation Center, Seoul, Korea
WHITE TABLE ART FAIR 2017, Bluesquare Nemo, Seoul, Korea
Jeju Biennale”Tourism”, Jeju,Jeju Museum of Art, Korea
Back to Marginaity, Geumcheon Art Space PS333, Seoul
Nanji 10 years:Sema nanji residency achive exhibition(with Hyungsub Shin, Chang hoon Lee), Seoul museum of art, Seoul, Korea
Keyword Korean Arts 2017-Plaza Arts:From Torch to Candlelight, jeju museum of art, Jeju, Korea
Hello my dear city, Jeju art center Iaa, Jeju, Korea
The Young and beautiful, brigitte march gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
City of Homeless, Yunseul art gallery, Kimhae, Korea
City and the people, Buk seoul museum of art, Seoul, Korea
Artistic Survival Tactics, alternative spache Loop, Seoul, Korea

Environment, ask the way, gallery one, Seoul, Korea
World script symposia “Hangrang”, Ik Sun dong, Seoul, Korea
Tool of Nakwon(Paradise), Nakwon acade, Seoul, korea
Mother’s land, Araart center+myungbo coffee shop, Seoul, Korea
Old & New:Yesterday is the discipline through which we advance – homage to Kansong, DDP Kansong Museum, Seoul
The City of Homeless, Arko Art Center, Seoul
Taehwa Eco River Festival “ Between”, Ulsan Taehwa Eco River, Ulsan
Gungjeon/Palace/Exhibition, Deuksugung Palace, Seoul
UP BEAT (Exhibition plan), Seoul Dance Center, Seoul

Gtummo in Nakwon, Nakwon Arcade, Seoul
Un-romantic memories, Gallery Rotus, Paju
ARTIST FILE 2015, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul
ARTIST FILE 2015, National Art Center, Tokyo
AED(Automated External Defibrillator)-Exhibition plan, L153 Art Company, Seoul
Art The art of space + light, ICAM/ Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, Yongin, Project” between”, Ulsan

Reseach on new, creative and willing obedience, philosophy akademy, Seoul
Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2014, “THE SHADE OF THE MOON” Changwon,
Jeokjaejeokso, Goyang residency exhibition hall of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Goyang
Occupy jungmiso, Art Space Jungmiso, Seoul
Things varying in form-from things to begins, Nam Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
Liquid times, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
intro, Workshop gallery of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Seoul
a book between two stools, villa empain-boghossian foundation, Belgium
3construction-1, Hongeun art center 2F, Seoul

Things varying in form-from things to begins(The special Exhibition celebrating Gwangju Design biennalen 2013), Gwangju museum of art, Gwangju
Feminism, Kimhae Yunseul art gallery, Kimhae
New & Now-SeMA’s New Acquisitions, Seoul Museum of art, Seoul
Images from elsewhere ; Historical parade, Artlab Aichi, Nagoya, Japan

Field trip of Mr. Hongjecheon, Hongeun Art Center, Seoul
Images from elsewhere ; Historical parade, Nam Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul and CAS, Osaka
10 Curators & Futhers, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

Song-Eun Art Award, Song-Eun Art space, Seoul
Nanji or Nanji, Nanji Gallery, Seoul
Salmon festival, Chugue University, Seoul
Wonderland, Nanji Gallery, Seoul
Project Standing by 000 (Lyrical soul), Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
Daejeon & Nanji, igong Gallery, Daejeon

The first impulse, Gallery Brigitte March, Stuttgart

U.S.B – Emerging Korean Artists in the World 2009, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
DEUXPIECE(Two peace), Project space DEUXPIECE, Basel
36 project, Gustave Gallery, Paris

TESTBILD, in the Building Polster-City, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen
Public Art project Klett-passage, Stuttgart Central Station, Stuttgart
Creep project, project by Prof. Udo Koch Class. Stuttgart

3.Night shift, in Dinkelaker Brewery , Stuttgart
Freeswimmer, kunstzentrum Karlskaserne, Ludwigsburg
Kunstschnee(Art snow), Kunstbezirk Galerie im Gustav-Siegle-Haus, Stuttgart

Fruehbluete(early bloom ), Diakonie bunker, Stuttgart
Vorfahrt(Priority-right of way), publich art project on Birkenwald street, Stuttgart
Kunstsommer(art summer) Oberhausen 2006, Gallery Tedden-Garage Oberhausen

Promenadenmischungen(crossbreed), Public Art Project in Ettingen & Kunstverein Wilhelmshoehe, Ettlingen
Between Seoul and Stuttgart, Kunstakademie Stuttgart &, Modern Art Museum in Hong-ik Uni.Stuttgart and Seoul and many others

[Residency and awards]
Seoul Art space Geumcheon residency, Seoul

Arts support programs from Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul

The national art studio residency from national museum of modern and contemporary art Korea
Kimjongyung Museum creative young artists, Seoul,
Arts support programs from Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul

Grant from SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) for New Artists’ solo exhibition
Hongeun Art Studio Residency, Seoul

Nanji Art Studio Residency from Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
Songeun Art Award(Exellence prize), Songeun Art Space, Seoul
Arts support programs from Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Seoul

Landesgraduiertenfoerderung Stipendium(country-graduate promotion scholarship from baden-wuerttemberg 2010-2011), Stuttgart

Art cologne support program “new position” with Gallery Brigitte March, Cologne

Stuttgart Central Station Public art project „Klettpassage“(pl.1), Stuttgart

Art promotion from Korea Arts Council, Seoul

[Public Collection]
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea,
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Korea
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Germany
Ditzingen City Kulturamt(culture ministry), Germany
Galia barzilai-hollander Collection, Belgium
Songeun art foundation, Seoul, Korea
Slg Linde Rohrbach, Koeln, Germany
Firma Wohnbedarf Gmbh, Koeln, Germany